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Wild sources its vast stocks of vintage clothing, for men and women from suppliers around the globe. All items are hand picked for quality, and the majority are laundered and pressed, and if necessary repaired before making it to the shop floor.

The stock is replenished regularly, fresh items being added everyday. Vintage clothing is now more popular than ever and due to its mass appeal there is a much higher demand on supply. Consequently, prices have risen dramatically over the years. However, at Wild we strive to keep our prices low, so that you can afford to dress in stylish quality clothing and not break the bank!

To add even more appeal to our already unique vintage range, we have an in-house seamstress who reworks certain items; dresses, blouses and skirts for example, to provide a more contemporary feel and fit.

Along with which we provide our own ever-popular range of pocket T-Shirts in assorted colours and vintage fabrics. Each and every one is unique!

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